Danube's water level causing problems

Problems in the transportation of cargo

Due to the lack of rainfall, the water level along the Danube is going to reach an all-time low in some countries. Freight shipping companies, usually transporting ores, fertilizers, and mineral oil along the Danube, are forced to transport only a quarter of the originally planned cargo. Most companies are now switching transportation to roads and railways.

Extreme drought in Balkan States

According to meteorologists, a stable high pressure area is currently blocking the advance of a low pressure area from the Atlantic that would bring rainfall in Central and Eastern Europe.

The water level in Regensburg, Germany, has never been that low in November. According to Florian Seidl from Verbund in Austria, the Danube currently carries 12 % less water in 2011 compared to its average level. Extremely difficult is the situation in Balkan States in South East Europe. In Bulgaria the water level reached the all time low of 1941. On more than a dozen places in Bulgaria the level fell beyond 2.4 meters, a level that's critical when it comes to the transportation of cargo. In Serbia and Bosnia, one could even cross the border river Drina by foot.

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