River boats cannot go under bridge of Deggendorf

At this very moment river boats cannot go under the very low rail road bridge of Deggendorf in Germany. It is not even possible for boats which increased their draft to the maximum by taking ballast water.

Deggendorf in GermanyDanube Water Level

The water level of Danube is too high and causes major difficulties for river cruise companies to keep their cruising schedules. Fortunately the tendency of the water level is decreasing and river cruise companies hope that the situation will become better soon. Fact is the water level would need to decrease by another 50 cm before the first ships will be able to go under the low bridge. In consideration of the development of the water level of the Danube experts believe that river boats will not be able to go under the low bridge until Saturday, September 4, 6 pm CET. Some even do not think that it will be possible until Sunday, September 5.

Danube Water Level (Friday, September 3, 2010)

  • Station: Deggendorf, Germany
  • Average: 339 cm
  • Current: 475 cm
  • Time: 4 pm CET
  • Tendency: decreasing

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