Accident on the Main-Danube Canal: Ship bumped into a lock gate

In the night from Saturday, September 18, to Sunday, September 19, at around 11:30 pm CET the river boat "Avalon Imagery" bumped in the lock chamber of Hausen, one of the river locks on the Main-Danube Canal in Germany, into the lock gate and in the course of this the bow of the ship got stuck.

Accident Avalon Imagery (1/2)Accident Avalon Imagery (2/2)

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The circumstances of the accident are still open. Blessing in disguise almost all guests were in bed at the time of the impact, unfortunately 6 guests were injured in the interior of the ship and a 67-year old man fell overboard into the water. He got away with fractured ribs. Rescue forces, police and fire department were on site after short time. Sunday morning the 6 guests were released from "Forchheimer Hospital", the 67-year old man will need to stay for some more days. The "Avalon Imagery" was with 161 guests and 41 crew members on a river cruise from Amsterdam to Vienna. The lock of Hausen was closed for 2 hours but fortunately could go into operation again on Sunday at 2:00 am CET. The damage has been estimated at about € 1,000,000.

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