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Markus Schindelegger

Markus Schindelegger
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I have been working as a cruise manager on European waterways and on the ocean for several years now, but nothing can be compared to my first river cruise experience on the Danube.
The Danube witnessed so many wars and was the border of empires. Besides the Rhine river, the most important trading route in Europe, the Danube connects people from 10 different nationalities and cultures, all offering different languages, trade, history, heritage, customs, dances, music, culinary and more. Many poetry and tales are told along the Danube. The more I learned about this fascinating river, the more I was inspired to create a place to share my experiences.
I created this website to provide my first-hand knowledge and impressions of the Danube River. With this online resource, I hope to provide you unique and exclusive information that goes far beyond history books. It is also my hope to encourage you to personally visit the Danube to experience and understand its beauty and its ways.

Special Thanks

This site would not be possible without the help of Mr. Dieter Rozenich who diligently developed and designed this website from scratch. He continues to invest some of his time and efforts to the sites’ success, for which I am very grateful.

A number of articles were researched and written by Deja Dragovic. Deja is a freelance writer and photographer with expertise in sustainable development, climate change and eco-tourism. She has worked for UNESCO Venice Office on Natural Science projects in the Balkans, collaborating with WWF, IUCN, UNEP, UNDP, Ramsar, etc. She was made editor of National Geographic Go Green (UK) and her features and photographs have also been published in National Geographic Traveler (UK ed.). Deja speaks seven languages and is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists.